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Hi, my name is Alan Nicholls

Hello, my name is Alan Nicholls.

Since the early 1980s, I have worked in the bankruptcy field and have been a bankruptcy trustee since 1990.

I have administered thousands of bankruptcies and am well placed to help you with your bankruptcy enquiries.

You can see what just a handful of my clients have to say about their experience.

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My Story

I truly believe in bankruptcy – It is all about helping people who have extreme financial difficulty to rid themselves of debt, dust themselves off and get going again.

From my years of experience as a bankruptcy trustee, I would like to share with you my expertise on what you need to do to get your best result from bankruptcy.

For most people, due to never having been bankrupt, they do not know how to achieve their best outcome from bankruptcy, so it is important that we talk about this.

I know that some people struggle with the thought of becoming bankrupt. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and the process can seem daunting.

I want you to see how constructive bankruptcy can be to help get past the insurmountable debt and get your life going again, in every way.

The common view of bankruptcy is that you lodge your form to become bankrupt, and that is it.

Whilst this is correct, it sells bankruptcy short and more importantly, can inhibit the result you will achieve from your bankruptcy.

As a bankruptcy expert, I see bankruptcy as an opportunity to reset your life in every way, not just financially.

In addition to starting the bankruptcy process, I would like you to also consider the following for a holistic approach to maximise the benefits you receive from bankruptcy:

Let the past go.

A lot of people are mortified that they have found themselves with extreme financial problems. They feel embarrassed and have difficulty getting past the trauma of what has happened.

The truth is that we all go through difficult times in our lives, and financial problems can happen to anyone.

From my years of experience as a bankruptcy trustee, my observation is that it is the people who can let the past go and focus on their future that are most likely to get the best results from their bankruptcy.

Please let the past go and focus on your future.

Take the time to consider what you can do to improve your quality of life and set yourself up for the future.

This could be creating financial security by establishing a bank of savings, joining a sporting team or social club, or spending more time with family.

What will improve your quality of life?

Take the time to consider the financial outcomes you would like to achieve now that your insurmountable debt is gone.

Where do you want to be in five years?

Write down your financial goals.

Identify how, within the bankruptcy laws, you can start working to achieve your financial goals as soon as you become bankrupt.

I encourage you to focus on your quality of life and to be working to achieve the financial security that is right for you.

We will guide you through the bankruptcy process. Don’t hesitate to bounce your ideas off us, we will answer your questions honestly, helping you to stay within the law to create strong foundations for your future.

We are more than happy to have a chat and give you our thoughts and suggestions.

When you choose me to be the trustee of your bankruptcy, we will be working to help you get your best result from bankruptcy.

Our systems are set up for us to help you with this.

You will receive our support and checklists, and we will be asking (no obligation) if you would like us to make contact from time to time to check how you are going with improving your quality of life and working towards your financial goals.

We want you to work within the bankruptcy laws to get your best result from bankruptcy.

Of course, if you would prefer for us not to contact you, we respect your choices and will leave your quality of life plan and working towards your financial goals to you.

I should also mention, a lot of people are comforted knowing that, when you choose me to be the trustee of your bankruptcy – there is no cost to you.

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About my company

I completed my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of NSW in 1976 and immediately commenced work as an Insolvency Accountant at a firm in Sydney.

Very quickly, I formed the view that people who have financial problems need help and compassion. I could really feel their stress.

Long story short, I left Sydney in 1986 and moved to Dubbo with the aim of starting my own insolvency practice to provide professional insolvency services with care and compassion.

I founded Alan Nicholls to provide a genuine and constructive service that stays true to our culture statement.

“We are all human beings, and it is our privilege to assist persons within the law to resolve their financial problems and get going again.”

I am committed to providing a service that:

Improves your
quality of life

Relieves your
financial burden

Offers consistent
support and guidance

I view the character, culture and values I have created within Alan Nicholls to be my biggest achievement.

When you feel comfortable, take a deep breath, reach out and relay your situation.

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I sincerely value your privacy.

No matter how you choose to contact me, every discussion will remain completely confidential.

As a kid, I remember my father’s friends saying – ‘I wish I could start again and know what I know now’ – bankruptcy gives you that opportunity.

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